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Triple Studio Animal Greeting Cards

Triple Studio

Triple Studio products are exclusively made, packed and shipped from their studio in Vancouver, BC. They are made-to-order to avoid waste and to keep their business sustainable. They go out of our way to use only the highest quality materials and processes.  Artist, Crystal Ho, is a 'momtrepreneur' who is constantly drawn to animals’ natural beauty and the little pieces of life that often go unnoticed; from the fine lines of an owl’s feathers to the whiskers of an escaping squirrel. She believes animals exhibit a kind of personal magnetism that is quite compelling. Animals simply have a way of being adventurous and fun and she finds great joy in expressing her love for the animals through her work, and sharing it with other animal lovers. Through art, it inspires conversations about important topics among kids and grownups alike, such as mental health and climate change.




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