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How Willow came to be

Nicole's Story

Our founder, Nicole Koster, drew upon her years of experience in the retail business, combined with a passion for fostering connections and spreading handmade goodness, to create a platform that offers unforgettable gifts and goods while celebrating and supporting Canadian brands.

Our North Star

Improving the Gifting Experience

At Willow, we believe in the power of thoughtful gifting, the beauty of handmade creations, and the importance of sustainable practices. As an online retail shop dedicated to curating a well-selected range of Canadian artists and makers, we strive to bring joy and a touch of home-grown pride to every gift-giving (and shopping!) experience.

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Supporting emerging
Canadian makers

We take care of high-quality product photography, targeted marketing, shipping and can even offer pricing suggestions, allowing you to focus on creating.

Doing our part to leave
a clean footprint

We passionately strive for sustainable packaging and business practices, and we hope to inspire our vendors and makers to do the same.

Local, handcrafted
and small-batch

We carefully select each item for our shop, searching for incredible local talent. If you create handmade products in Canada, we would be thrilled to hear from you!

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