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Bush Berry Herbal Tea

Bush Berry

Sustainable Tea for a Healthier World: Discover Bush Berry

At their core, they are inspired by the ancient art of herbalism and the natural world. Their passion for high-quality, organic ingredients free of chemical pesticides or residue is matched only by their commitment to supporting small family-run farms with sustainable, earth-friendly practices. They believe in the importance of fair life and quality, and value their relationships with local farmers. As a small, female-owned, and independent business, they are proud to offer sustainable, quality tea.

Bush Berry's forward-thinking approach to packaging is a testament to their commitment to sustainability. They have eliminated all plastics from their packaging and shipping, and their 100% backyard compostable materials are leading the way in the disposable packaging industry. They strive to be more responsible and want their products, branding, and packaging to reflect that.




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